Internationalization (i18n)

Create a Translation for UI Text

By default, Keikai only displays English on its user interface. You can create your language translation file for UI texts to make it more user-friendly. Keikai stores its UI text in a JavaScript and a properties file.

Create a JavaScript File for a Language

Clone the Built-in js

Clone the default UI text language js property file, keikai.jar/web/js/zss/lang/msgzss.js, to make a new language js file for a specific locale like:


e.g. msgzss_zh_TW.js is for traditional Chinese in Taiwan.

Put the language js file under the below path in your class-path like:


In Maven default folder structure, you need to put it under resources.

Translate to Target Language

Replacing string values (English) with the target language.

msgzss = {
    cannotEditProtected: "無法編輯受保護的儲存格"
msgzss.action = {
    sheet: "工作表",
    addSheet: "新增",
    addCol: "新增一欄",
    addRow: "新增一列",
    showSheets: "顯示",
    deleteSheet: "刪除",
    copySheet: "複製",
    renameSheet: "更名",
    moveSheetLeft: "左移",
    moveSheetRight: "右移",
    homePanel: "Home",
    formulaPanel: "公式",
    insertPanel: "插入",
    newBook: "新檔案",

Then, visit a page with a browser in the corresponding language setting. The result looks like:

Create a Properties File for a Language

Those UI text for the dialogs generated from the server-side stores in a properties:


Clone this file to make a new language properties file for a specific locale like:



Translate those property values and put the file under /WEB-INF/. Then ZK will load it automatically.

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