Trace Formulas

since 5.6.0


Spreadsheet can highlight a cell’s precedents or dependents with a highlighted border in a sheet. Besides, you can also get a set of precedents or dependents to process further. Check traceFormula.zul.

Show Precedents/Dependents in a Browser

You can call methods on Spreadsheet to show precedents/dependents in a browser.

Spreadsheet.tracePrecedents(Sheet sheet, CellRef cellRef)

At J13, its formula is =SUM(F13:I13), so F13:I13 (enclosed by green border) is its precedents.

Spreadsheet.traceDependents(Sheet sheet, CellRef cellRef)

Both J13 and F15 (enclosed by red border) reference to F13, so F13 has 2 dependents.

Get a Set of Precedents/Dependents

You can also get a set of precedents/dependents of a cell to process further or to display in your own desired format (ex. in a table or a chart):

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