Work with Mobile Devices

since 5.2.0

Keikai supports both modern desktop and mobile browsers, you can easily access a Keikai UI from your iOS or Android tablet.

Design Tips

Note that due to the nature of the spreadsheet, when designing the view for mobile users, you should consider to display a suitable (smaller) range that is easier for the users to navigate and use.

Mobile-compatible Features

The following features are supported on mobile devices.

  • single cell, row/column selection
  • single cell multi-line plain text editing
  • apply filters
  • data validation
  • Toolbar
    • copy, paste
    • font family, font size, bold, italic, underline, strikeout,
    • font color, background color.
    • alignments
    • indent, word wrap
    • inset, delete cells/rows/columns
    • clear content
    • grid-line visibility
    • borders on single cell
  • Formula bar
    • insert function dialog


The following features are not supported on mobile devices:

  • multi-cell selection
  • merge cells
  • enable/disable the filter
  • change sheet protection
  • insert an image
  • insert a chart
  • insert a hyperlink
  • open a context menu on a cell or sheet tab
  • view a comment