Keikai - Spreadsheet for Your Web Application

Keikai - Spreadsheet for Your Web Application

Keikai is a component that can empower your web application with spreadsheet features. With frame-based rendering and super light-weight data structure, it brings true Excel functionalities into your web application swiftly. Finally, there is a good reason for your business users to move on from Excel!

Keikai works in a client-server architecture. A Keikai UI client running in your browser renders sheets with canvases and fires user events to Keikai engine. You can create your own web application that controls Keikai to fulfill your business needs with Keikai Java client.

This introductory article demonstrates how you can start up a Keikai spreadsheet and manipulate cells with Java client API to implement your application logic .


A demo is worth a thousand words, you can immediately experience Kaikai with our Demo.


To better understand this article and how tutorial project works, we assume you have basic konwledge of Java EE web components (JSP and servlet) and HTML.