Download and Installation

Before using Keikai, you need to install and start Keikai engine.

Download Keikai Engine

Download Keikai Engine according to the OS of the computer you are installing Keikai Engine.

Contact us if you have problems to download.

Extract the zip

For simplicity, we suggest you to install and extract Keikai engine on the same machine as the one you are running your application server. That way you can quickly get your first application up and running.

Just unzip the downloaded zip file, and the installation of Keikai engine is completed.

Run Keikai Engine

Assume you extract the zip to a folder [KEIKAI-ENGINE]

  1. go to [KEIKAI-ENGINE]/keikai folder
  2. run the executable command:
  • Mac/Linux


  • Windows


After executing the command, you should see some messages like:

INFO: Keikai version: 1.0.0-beta.20@jvbp5h5y
INFO: Starting Keikai engine on http://localhost:8888

Then Keikai server should start up successfully at localhost:8888

(If you need to shutdown Keikai Engine, just press Ctrl+c.)