Use Keikai

Use Keikai

You can manipulate Keikai in two ways – via spreadsheet UI (with a browser) or via spreadsheet Java API. In this section we will be talking about using spreadsheet UI.

Spreadsheet UI

Using Keikai spreadsheet with your browser is just like using Excel or Google Sheet. From top to bottom, there is a toolbar, a formula bar, a sheet, and a worksheet tab. Anyone can pick it up easily and start editing in the way he or she is used to, without having to read a user manual.

spreadsheet UI

You can move the focus with arrow keys, enter text, numbers, or formulas in a cell, click buttons on the toolbar, and switch sheets.


The current supported hotkeys are:

  • Ctrl-C Copy
  • Ctrl-X Cut
  • Ctrl-V Paste
  • Ctrl-Z Undo
  • Ctrl-Y Redo
  • Delete Clear Content
  • Esc Clear or Copy/Cut Clipboard
  • Shift + Up/Down/Left/Right Update Selection
  • Ctrl + Up/Down/Left/Right Move the Focus to the Edge

Load an xlsx File

When visiting a page with Keikai spreadsheet in your browser, it gives you a blank sheet. If you wish to load your existing Excel file or template for further editing, it can be easily done by clicking the upload button on the toolbar.


The easiest way to import a file is to click the upload button on the toolbar to upload an xlsx file. Note that xlsx is the only format that Keikai accepts.