Features and Usages

Copy & Paste

Keikai currently doesn’t support to paste content copied from an external application (e.g. Excel, text editor) via UI below:

  • “Paste” button on the toolbar
  • “paste” item in the context menu

It will show a warning: Please use shortcut ⌘V to paste what you cut or copied.

Because a browser needs user-granted permission to access system clipboard.

Supported Hotkeys

  • Ctrl+C Copy
  • Ctrl+X Cut
  • Ctrl+V Paste
  • Ctrl+Z Undo
  • Ctrl+Y Redo
  • Ctrl+A select all / selects the current region that contains data
  • Delete Clear Content
  • Esc Clear or Copy/Cut Clipboard
  • Up/Down/Left/Right Move Focus
  • Shift + Up/Down/Left/Right Update Selection
  • Ctrl + Up/Down/Left/Right Move the Focus to the Edge
  • PageUp / PageDown


Keikai will detect your browser’s language setting to display the corresponding language with its UI.

Currently, the supported UI language are:

  • English
  • Tranditional Chinese

Supported Chart Type:

  • AreaChart
  • LineChart
  • RadarChart
  • ScatterChart scatterchart.xlsx scatterLineChart.xlsx
  • PieChart
  • Pie3DChart
  • DoughnutChart
  • BarChart
  • Bar3DChart
  • BubbleChar bubblechart.xlsx

Exceeding Maximal Column Warning

When you insert a column, if you see the alert:

This operation cannot work because it will push non-empty cells out of the worksheet.

That means there is data at the far right of your worksheet, and inserting columns will push the data out of the maximal column. Therefore, Keikai prevents you from inserting.

Solution: Remove the data at the far right of your worksheet.